• Conduits for miracles from heaven that give us our lives back.  That’s how I feel about Dr. John Dearborn & his exceptional staff at the Institute for Joint Restoration after two hip joint replacements within 8 weeks of each other in July & September of 2016.  He was relaxed, unhurried & personally wrote down all the answers to my questions on the list I handed him.  I am now well on my way to walking 3 miles in 45 minutes – a perfect cardio work-out. He said I can dance again & I intend to!Dr Sah, Thank you is not enough to say how I feel about you not only as a doctor, but a human being.  You are the best.  God has blessed you with medical abilities, but most of all a heart with compassion, kindness, and love for your patients.  I hope you know this is not usually how it goes.  Thank you again for all that you did for me. - Nancy Hinsen

  • I had both knees replaced by Dr. Dearborn in 2008. Dr. Dearborn was the only surgeon who was supportive of my decision to have a minimally invasive bilateral knee replacement performed. My experience and my outcome were excellent and bilateral was the right choice for me. I went to this surgeon for the experience in knee replacement. At that time he was doing over 100 knee replacements per year. It was the surgeon's skill that I cared about, not the bedside manner (he is a nice doctor). Follow up care is routinely handled by those that have more time to devote to those sometimes difficult post surgical days.

    I have the female knee replacements and they work wonderfully. Also, Washington Hospital has an excellent joint replacement center. This was important to me because of their superior track record on post surgical infections.

    Hints: Book early, as there is a waiting list for consultations and surgery. Ask for references. They will give you phone numbers of recent patients willing to talk with you about their experiences. - Kirstie B., Berkeley CA

  • I want to tell you, Dr. Sah, how much I appreciate you for who you are and what you have done to improve my ability to use my right leg. You are obviously skilled for this particular type of minimally invasive surgery.

    I have done quite a bit of research and talked to many people before coming to your office. I travelled quite a distance, north of Sacramento, to receive your services. After surgery, I had essentially no pain. My therapist repeatedly remarked how my progress exceeded others. I attribute that quick recover to the less invasive surgery.

    I am a very active man, nearly 75 years old. Going into this operation I spent much time in research and study because I am aware how important the functioning of my leg is to my particular lifestyle. It is just part of me that I am in constant motion, always have been, even as a kid.

    Thanks to you for keeping that kid in me alive and ready for what comes next in my life. – JH, Camron CA

  • Dear Dr. Sah, This note is an attempt to express my great appreciation for everything connected with my experience there for my hip replacement surgery.  I am grateful for all the extra time and effort you expended on all of the arrangements ahead of time and when I got there.  Your gracious caring spirit was a great comfort to me through every phase.  The whole experience was perfect and I am so thankful that God blessed me by allowing me to have my surgery with you there.  I am doing well and surprising everyone with how well I am walking and pain free! – ES, Vancouver WA

  • Dr. D., Just wanted to reaffirm the tremendous 'Gratitude' I feel towards you and ALL your staff. It has now been 3 1/2 years since you replaced both of my knees, I have NEVER had one second of regret for having had it done. I feel 'so honored' to have had YOU do this surgery on me. I have many friends and acquaintances that had VERY difficult experiences with their knee replacements done by other surgeons. It was VERY beneficial to have your staff prepare me for what to expect both before and after the surgery.

    Most folks CANNOT believe that I walked out of the replacement center 2 1/2 days after the surgery on both of my new knees, without crutches, a walker or cane. I can't say I never had some pain during the recovery process, the 'percocets' helped me through that first month. I was doing some limited driving and working at my office a week after the surgery..........others I've spoken with did NOT experience this good fortune.

    You have an AMAZING staff and YOUR hands have been touched by 'The Almighty' to accomplish what you do and how you do it!!! Geez.......I was also 'bow-legged', YOU even took care of that!!! I can't 'thank you' enough for what you did for me. - John Ferreri, Pleasanton CA

  • First and foremost I want to thank you, Dr. Sah, for being such a good doctor. You have always made me feel as if I was your Number One patient. I do appreciate that.

    Also, I want to tell you how special you have made my experience. It is so nice to have a doctor today who has time for me. I truly appreciate you attentiveness. – JA, Salinas CA

  • I had a total knee replacement by Dr. Dearborn three years ago and have been ecstatic about the results. I was an "honor student" when it came to doing my P/T, and worked hours every day to get the most motion and mobility I could. I was water skiing 11 1/2 weeks post op, continue to snow ski and play competitive tennis. I am able to do all of these sports at a high level because of my new knee and the wonderful job that Dr. Dearborn did. I have absolutely no pain any more and am not limited in any way. I am a truly grateful patient and have sent many, many friends to him all of whom are extremely satisfied. People are absolutely amazed at all the things I can do, because they remember the pain I was in before. I am a very happy and active 71-year young gal that thinks Dr. Dearborn is great. You won't find a better orthopedic surgeon anywhere!!! - Diane Elliott, Carmel CA

  • It was quite stressful to find out that I would need hip replacement surgery, but I couldn’t ask for a more competent, compassionate, caring doctor. Dr. Sah, your medical skills were exceeded only by the personal concern you showed for both myself and my family before and following surgery.

    You walk the extra mile in your follow-up about my situation through your telephone calls at home. I am very grateful to you and thank the Lord for you. With admiration and affection. – CR, Union City CA

  • I am a patient of Dr. Dearborn's and a very satisfied recipient of a new right hip in 2008 and a left hip last February (2011). He has trained his staff to work together like a team and every one of them was professional, courteous, and smiling with each contact, especially Dr. Dearborn. He did see me post op, as is his routine. I am very impressed with his bedside manner, as at each visit he looked me in the eye and patiently answered all of my questions. He is also available by email if you are unsure of anything. - Joy N., Maui

  • Dr Sah, please accept out family’s deepest gratitude for restoring my father’s left hip joint.

    Although many surgeons advised of the complexity associated with this “procedure”, given my fathers condition, your professional skills, integrity, and kindness exceeded our every expectation and we remain forever grateful. – AN, Newark CA

  • I am both a practicing chiropractor (27 years) and a recipient of Dr. Dearborn's unparalleled excellent surgical services. I broke my hip in a skiing accident in ‘99 and needed a total hip replacement in '04. I had severe pain and needed pain meds. Dr. Dearborn and his entire staff provided service I could only refer as awesome from presurgery through post. Every aspect of the process was meticulously managed. I spent 2 nights in the hospital (only 1 was necessary, but I didn't want to be driving home (3 hours) in traffic in the Bay area). I needed no cane or crutch by the end of the day after the surgery. I needed no PT. I was back to work in 3 weeks. My work is very physical.

    Dr. Dearborn has assembled a professional and most capable and caring staff. I have sent over 20 of my patients to him for hip or knee replacements. They have all had similar experiences as mine. I have examined many patients who have not fared so well with other orthopaedists. Dr. Dearborn is my one and only choice. I will return if I need his service again. I would give him 10 stars if I could! - Vince C., Ukiah CA

  • I only need to say more time Thank You for using your gifted hands and mind to do so much for myself and many others. I have not had so much energy and hopes – since I now have so much mobility and am free of pain. I have not had this desire for six or seven years.

    I trust you all will go well for you and that have a long and prosperous practice. Dr. Sah, you are the best!!! – GH, Walnut Creek CA

  • Dr. John Dearborn replaced both of my hips, 2003 and 2005. The pre-op education he personally conducted gave me confidence to go forward, and the care I received from he and his staff before, during, and after the surgeries was superb.

    After both surgeries, I was walking the same day, used a cane for 4 days, and I was back to work the following week, with very minimal discomfort. I was able to resume the yoga and exercise routine that I had so missed, and I have never looked back. I am very grateful to this wonderful man of medicine for his skill and humanity. - Kerrie K., Studio City CA

  • I was released from Dr. Sah’s Center this past Thursday and feel that I must comment on the excellent care that I was given.

    The discharge survey that I was given was not large enough to tell you and your staff how grateful my wife and I are about the care that I was given.

    As stated on the card, I have given grades for over 34 years and have never been known as an easy grader. A C grade means that you have met the objectives of the course. A B grade means that you have measure above the course objectives. However, an A grade signifies a remarkable accomplishment and that is why I gave your group and A+. – JP, Angels Camp CA

  • I have had numerous orthopedic surgeries and Dr Dearborn replaced both my hips. I could not have had a better experience. The quality of care at his facility, the highly trained experienced staff, and Dr D's intense care about me as a patient are unsurpassed. He is the best in the business. I have referred dozens of friends to Dr. D and all are delighted by the care they have received. - Lawrence M., Woodside CA

  • Wow, did I get lucky being sent to Dr. Sah. I felt immediately that I was in good hands. Thank you. – JV, Fremont CA

  • I have been a practicing Emergency and Family Physician for 30 years, including five years as Emergency Room Director at Mammoth Hospital in the skiing resort of Mammoth Lakes California. I have consulted Dr. Dearborn personally about my knee problems and sent my family members to him for joint replacement. He is the doctor's doctor. I give him my highest recommendation.... - James S. Vawter MD, Monterey CA

  • This is a thank you not to say thank you, Dr. Sah, for your good care of my daughter. The phone calls, the "hello how are you", the smiles, and the handshakes are very much appreciated. You are a true gentleman. – HP, Aptos CA

  • I regret having waited these past eight months to submit a long overdue review of John's work on my behalf. I'd been a long distance runner who suddenly became unable to walk without severe pain. John diagnosed a prematurely arthritic hip due to an early childhood pistol-grip deformity. His team was able to replace my hip within three weeks of the diagnosis.

    As a health care provider myself (I'm an MD anesthesiologist/internist), I cannot express how professional, efficient, and thorough his attention and treatment (and that of his entire staff) have been from the outset. Patients are provided with personalized information binders, carefully scheduled meetings to address concerns and answer questions, follow-up appointments and referrals to outside support providers (Physical Therapists, Nurses, etc.). Many in our medical areas of expertise consider John one of the most brilliant and resourceful total joint surgeons anywhere.

    Most important, and significant, to me has been the degree to which he "audits" his own practices, procedures and systems concerns to learn how better and more efficiently care for people. He meticulously tracks patient preferences and outsourced services, building upon successful outcomes. His support staff is available continuously to answer questions and offer solutions.

    All of this positivity is earned. My hip was replaced at 9AM on a Wednesday morning and I was walking at noon.... wobbly but happy. My recovery was smooth, I attended to my physical therapy exactly as prescribed, knowing how critical this is to a successful outcome.

    It's my pleasure as a patient, and a physician, to recommend him. - Jim Henning MD, Palo Alto CA

  • Thank you Dr Sah so very much for your being kind and generous with your time. Knowing that I may call anytime is a great comfort to me. It’s THIS little touch that makes you stand above all others. Thank you again! – AF, Hayward, CA

  • I had both my knees replaced four years ago by Dr. Dearborn. I traveled from Indiana to have the procedure done because I heard that he was the best. Not only does he care about his patients but also he spends time to listen and explain the procedures to you. I knew that after I met him that I trusted him, He is a great surgeon. His PA Keith has been great also, and answers any questions that I have even now, four years out. I feel that his staff works hard as a team including the physical therapists to make sure you have a great recovery! I am glad I came so far for my surgery! I would recommend him strongly to anybody who needs a knee replacement. He is the Best! - Susan B., Fairland, IN

  • Dr. Sah, I am so grateful for all of your care and kindness and so appreciate my new knees and improved health. Once the weather warms, I will be back to my favorite sport, golf, and will be free of pain which I consider a blessing beyond measure. I have made a donation to a charity in your honor. – VG, San Jose CA

  • I did a lot of research before deciding on the doctor who would perform my total hip replacement including asking other doctors in the Bay Area about hip replacement surgeons and one name kept coming up over and over, Dr. John Dearborn. I am not one who enjoys going to see a doctor, or hospitals or medical stuff. However, when I had my first visit with Dr. Dearborn I wondered why I had procrastinated so long to get my hip replaced. His office is truly professional and the staff is warm and genuine from initial intake through the surgery and follow up care. Dr. Dearborn took a lot of time with me at the very first visit to review my complaints, explain the xrays in detail, discuss the surgery process and very patiently hear my concerns. His approach is pleasant, thoughtful and engaged. He explains things well and thoroughly. At each step of my treatment he was personally involved in a caring way. My first visit with him made me feel so respected and so confident that I had found the right doctor that I couldn't wait to get scheduled for the hip replacement.

    The surgery took place 9 months ago.
    Before the surgery I had pain with every step, stairs and curbs were awful, I walked with a big hitch and sat around a lot. The best way I can put it is Dr. Dearborn has given me back a life where I walk normally, without pain, work out on the cross-trainer, without pain, and even hike into the hills with my wife (impossible before), again, without pain. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this doctor and how I was treated. Thank you Dr. Dearborn for restoring my life. - Keith S., Danville CA

  • Dr. Sah, both of us have been in your hands this year and have profited mightily form your expertise.

    We jointly thank you for the care and concern you have shown us during our office visits, hospital stays and for the telephone calls that you have made during our convalescence. These contacts have been reassuring.

    We also appreciate the team of men and women that you and Dr. Dearborn have assembled in Fremont. The organization and teamwork that is displayed from the first appointment, hospital stays, and onwards is a joy to experience.

    The future promises to be even brighter when the new building is finally opened and your future patients and staff start to benefit from even better facilities.

    Good facilities are important, but the more important aspect of care is the dedication of your team led by yourself and Dr. Dearborn.

    Thank you Dr. Sah for looking after us and we hope that you are able to spend many fruitful years in this the noblest of professions. - CM & TM, Santa Cruz CA

  • I can honestly recommend John Dearborn without any reservations whatsoever. He replaced both of my hips, and I recovered without any complications in a matter of weeks. I can now participate in all the activities I love again - golf, hiking, etc. - completely without pain! He was always accessible to me, and I found him very likeable and professional.

    On my recommendation he also did my wife's knee as well as numerous friends' arthritic joints, all with 100% success. If you need to have a joint replaced, there is no better option than John Dearborn. - Dan E., Scottsdale AZ

  • I needed to drop a note to let you know how Dr. Sah has helped and changed our lives for the better. If I would’ve tried to imagine “perfection”, I wouldn’t have come close to what happened in real life…So Many Thank-You’s! With our sincere gratitude. - DJ & SJ Valley Springs, CA

  • Dr. Dearborn is brilliant! My husband had hip surgery by him and we just couldn't be happier. Everything about this doctor is first class. From the time of your first consultation to your follow-up appointments everything is just A+. His staff, his bedside manners, how he truly cares about his patients and the "cutting edge" surgical technique he performs. He is a true professional that runs an impressive clinic all around. He strives to be the best at what he does and he is! Worth to mention is that my husband is a Chiropractor and is back to work less than 3 weeks post surgery. We cannot thank Dr. Dearborn enough!!! - Gitte R., Redwood City CA

  • I want people to know that I canceled knee replacement elsewhere in 24 hours when I found out by word of mouth about Dr. Sah’s excellent work.
    I had simultaneous bilateral knee replacement with you and I feel my age of 57. Prior to surgery I was walking like an elderly person in their 80’s and the pain prior was worse than it was 2 weeks after the surgery. I’ve had over 20 surgeries in my life and by far this was the easiest for me!

    When you are at the Center for Joint Replacement, you feel at home. I worked in doctor’s offices before, but I never met such an incredible staff – people I actually bonded with and nurses I hope to hear from soon! Physical therapy there was remarkable. After six weeks, I can walk perfectly. Thank you and your fine selection of staff!! Dr. Sah is the ONLY DOCTOR I WOULD EVER TRUST WITH MY JOINTS! – KB, Woodside CA

  • Hello future knee and hip replacement patients. Please take a moment to read this note. Two years ago I had a total knee replacement (Zimmer-gender specific) performed by Dr. Dearborn. The experience was a miracle! He has truly saved and changed my life. Unlike another angry review by someone who is not actually a patient, I am uniquely qualified to share with you truth relative to his abilities. I had 6 knee surgeries by 4 different doctors in three different states since the ripe age of 19, all due to athletic injuries. By my mid-twenties, I had no cartilage, a useless ACL, and lived in daily pain. I had the Olympic surgeon in Denver, the #1 surgeon in Vegas, the #1 surgeon in Ohio, and quite frankly, Dr. Dearborn was by far the best. I am a 43-year-old female, yes young for a total knee, and lived bone on bone for 15 years. I enjoyed a dozen different sports in my early 20's, and then one by one they were eliminated due to excruciating pain. Today, 2 years post op, I can do anything! 90 days post surgery I was skiing in Heavenly Valley! Are you kidding? That was a miracle! I can hike, I can ski, I can go to the gym, I can walk for miles pain FREE! I can wear high heels without crying at the end of the night. I can do a dozen sports if I choose, but more importantly, I have my life back. Dr. Dearborn was more than compassionate; he truly cared about my recovery and well-being. He went out of his way to make sure I had everything I needed and that every procedure was complete. And due to my previous surgeries I was the pickiest, most demanding, fearful, most likely one of the most difficult patients on the planet. I wouldn't settle for anything less than perfect. Ask Brooke, my guess she can remember how tough I was. I have referred Dr. Dearborn and will continue to do so. Anyone can contact me for a personal reference and I would be happy to share more details of my experience. Thank you Dr. Dearborn, you are not about money, (BTW-you absolutely deserve every penny you make), I know that you are about truly restoring people's lives. - Colleen C., Pleasanton CA

  • About 6 years ago, Dr John Dearborn carried out a difficult revision of unsuccessful left hip replacement surgery that had been carried out several years before by another orthopaedic surgeon. The new surgery was completely successful and the care I received from Dr Dearborn and his staff was outstanding in every way. I have only the highest praise for the surgical skills and postoperative management of this caring surgeon, and have no hesitation in recommending him for any patient in similar circumstances. - Zeala M., Los Altos CA

  • Dr. Dearborn did knee replacement for both my knees in a single operation 2 years ago. The results were absolutely wonderful. The operation was on a Monday, I was home by Thursday noon using only a cane to walk. I live in a multi-level home and was able to go up a flight of stairs on arriving with no assistance other than my cane and the stair railing. The post op care in the Joint Replacement Center at Washington hospital was outstanding. The staff was superbly trained to care for joint replacement patients Each day Dr. Dearborn came by our room and checked on me. The on-staff physical therapy started me on the path to recovery the first morning and trained you so you could take care of yourself when you got home. One individual chose not to join us the first day but when he saw our rate of progress joined in. I was 75 at the time of the operation the rate of my recovery was fantastic. It did require very conscientious follow thru on the therapy which at times was pain full. But the results were worth it. I was back playing golf in 5 weeks.

    Before choosing Dr. Dearborn I had researched 4 other doctors. They all had good records but Dearborn's former patients had nothing but the most positive comments about him and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering knee or hip replacement. - Bud E., San Diego CA

  • I had my knee replaced by Dr. D. in 2009 after destroying it playing basketball in the NBA. His bedside manner was delightful. I appreciated his attention to detail. Having his own wing for recovery to eliminate infection is genius. His credentials are impeccable. I live in Santa Barbara and could have gone to anyone in Southern California. It would have been easier. But I wanted the best. I got it in John Dearborn. - Jay C., Santa Barbara CA

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